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Clean air. We all need it to live. But this resource is handled carelessly and wastefully. Cities are disappearing in smog, and asthma is becoming a common disease.Access to clean drinking water is a human right. But one-third of the world’s population suffers from water scarcity, while one-sixth of the population does not have clean drinking water.

A global provider of advanced and integrated systems for air and water purification

Made in Germany: In Lich - just a few kilometres outside of Giessen - Likusta Umwelttechnik GmbH develops innovative technologies and solutions for the purification of waste gas and waste water. We are ISO 9001-2015 certified and offer our customers reliable processes and high quality - Over 4,000 successfully completed projects make this clear. We are internationally oriented - over 50% of our systems are operated outside Germany. We ensure shipment, installation and commissioning - in all regions of the world. As part of Wilo SE, we are also able to offer our customers a wide range of integrated products and services from our sister companies.

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Biofilter systems

Waste-gas treatment and odour removal

In Likusta waste-gas treatment systems, harmful and odorous substances from waste-gas and exhaust-gas flows are decomposed to non-toxic, odourless and largely low molecular weight substances. This is done biochemically by the metabolic activity of microorganisms.

Likusta system
Biofilter system
Likusta system
Chemical dosing


Water treatment

Likusta offers a variety of specialised systems for the treatment of drinking water and for the treatment of process and waste water, including:
Flatbed aerators and desorption plants for deacidification, biofilters, sand, gravel or activated carbon filters, dosing systems for denitrification and phosphate elimination.



Special tank manufacturing

Tank construction has been one of our core businesses for more than 40 years. Our speciality is the custom planning, manufacture and assembly of containers or entire systems for different applications according to customer requirements. Special designs and special solutions are standard with us. We offer you a wide variety of designs and materials for indoor and outdoor installation.

Likusta system
Tanks made from HDPE
Likusta system
Control cabinet


Your system from a single source

At Likusta, we believe that plant projects should be planned and implemented as a whole, not as a combination of isolated packages. This is why we create our own electrical design and manufacturing. Our range of services spans from simple terminal boxes to large switch systems with PLC programming and touchscreen operation.



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