Technical customer service

Technical customer service

You take care of your core business – we take care of the rest

With regular checks and load-dependent maintenance work, potential system problems can be detected at an early stage. This is obviously more cost-effective than standstills and unscheduled repairs. Complex crisis management, for example in the event of unintended discharges of pollutants, can be avoided.

Likusta offers service modules tailored to the technical requirements of your system, which enable you to ensure availability at reasonable and predictable cost. Compile your individual “coverage note” from various components:

  • Maintenance and remote maintenance

  • Repair

  • Replacement parts and parts management

Likusta offers maintenance, repair and replacement parts
Likusta on-site service and online remote maintenance

Maintenance and remote maintenance service for optimum system safety and availability

Our service specialists know you and your system. Therefore, regular maintenance is carried out quickly and reliably. Ongoing training of our service team is the basis for the high quality of our technical services. This is how we can help you relieve your employees of maintenance duty and make them available for other tasks.

But even Likusta on-site service can be perfected: For approximately 80% of disturbances, a solution can be found directly with our online remote maintenance. If, however, a technician is still required on site, the issue is already narrowed down, and the necessary replacement parts can sourced in advance.

The Likusta repair service minimises downtime

In the event of system failures, the clock is ticking: Fast and expert repairs are essential to minimise downtime and help to limit possible subsequent damage. Our flexible service team is quickly available to deal with your claims within Germany.

Likusta’s extensive, long-term experience, sound training and continuing education make our service technicians versatile problem-solvers. With our multi-vendor service, we are also able to offer maintenance services for third-party products.

Likusta Service team claim problem maintenance
Our service team is quickly available to deal with your claims
Qualified service specialists install replacement parts
Qualified service specialists install replacement parts

Replacement parts management – simple – fast – worldwide

Likusta replacement parts management offers you personal support, simple ordering and fast processing. Our service specialists advise you competently on the right replacement parts for your system - also on third-party products. Many common parts and assemblies are in stock, and we cover other needs on short notice and at competitive prices.