Wet-salt dosing

Wet-salt dosing

High economic and environmental pollution caused by de-icing salt

Car and lorry drivers expect snow-free and ice-free roads throughout the whole year. With an average of 1.6 million tonnes of de-icing salt used in Germany per winter, combating frost, freezing, ice and snowfall is a significant cost factor and has a high environmental impact.

Wet-salt mixing unit and dosing Likusta
Wet-salt mixing unit and dosing
Graphic: De-icing salt
Graphic: De-icing salt

Saves salt while simultaneously increasing the effect of de-icing and good adhesion on the road

Due to the use of wet-salt technology, however, winter maintenance service has become much more economical. Investigations by the German Federal Motorway Research Institute (BASt) show that with the use of wet-salt solutions, ice formation can be effectively prevented or at least delayed BASt estimates that the annual savings potential on federal motorways alone are approximately 100,000 tonnes. The cost of technical equipment is therefore amortised quickly by the savings of de-icing salt.

Storage, mixing and loading stations for calcium and magnesium chloride for winter maintenance service

Likusta, the specialist for solutions for waste-gas and waste-water treatment, has developed systems for the storage, mixing and loading of dispersal vehicles with wet-salt agents. They have been used reliably for years at our customer stations as needed - from manually operated to fully automatic systems.

How the systems work

The storage tank is filled with salt solution via a tanker. A level display with adjustable contacts indicates the minimum/maximum filling levels. An overfill protection system provides a warning with an optical and acoustic alarm.

The emptying of the tank follows via a double-walled pipeline. In the event of leakage, a valve immediately closes in the tank crest.

A magnetically coupled centrifugal pump feeds the salt solution into a static mixer, and a defined water quantity is simultaneously fed in via a heated water stream. The brine concentration can be steplessly adjusted by altering the pump output or the water quantity. The flow meters are equipped with contacts which indicate any salt or water deficiency. The ready-to-use solution can now be pumped directly into the dispersal vehicles.

Wet-salt dosing system and storage tank Likusta
Wet-salt dosing system and storage tank
Container for liquid salt
Container for liquid salt

System specifications

Likusta wet-salt and de-icing salt dosing stations can be specified for an outdoor or indoor installation.

Storage containers are manufactured from PE-HD or GRP and are certified according to IFBT Berlin. The dosing cabinet is made of resistant plastic and contains the mount of the extraction pump, the dosing fittings and the control cabinet. The system is shipped including the piping (filling line, discharge and pressure line).

Assembly, commissioning (mechanical and electrical) as well as the training of the operating personnel are carried out by our motivated customer service team.


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