With the increasing pressure to operate systems in an energy-efficient and cost-effective manner, an increasingly larger number of process variables is measured, transmitted and controlled.

We offer our customers in drinking-water supply and waste-water treatment a wide range of measurement technology solutions for optimum control of the respective system - from individual measuring points to complete solutions. Depending on the application and system type, the following measured values ​​are used

  • Flow

  • Fill level

  • Temperature

  • PO4 concentration

  • Air flow

  • H2S

  • pH

TOC Analyzer


The values of the single-sensor or multi-sensor systems are provided to the process control system (PCS) to allow accurate monitoring of the process at any time. The control and regulation of measured variables is carried out via SPC.

Wireless communication and data radio systems play an increasingly important role in many waste-water treatment systems. Tedious and cost-intensive cabling can be avoided, and moving parts can also be connected more easily. We are observing this trend both in new projects as well as in modernisation and upgrade projects.

With over 4,000 successful projects in waste-water and waste-gas treatment, the Likusta team assists you in the implementation of your project - from planning and application support, turnkey construction to commissioning and continuous monitoring with services through the lifecycle of the system.



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