C-source dosing

Carbon or C-source dosing

Limit values demand for action

Water polluters are forced to comply with lower pollutant limits in waste water. Carbon source dosing systems from Likusta offer you a solution to reliably reduce the concentration of the substances.

For this purpose, carbon substrates, such as acetic acid or alcohols, are dosed into the waste water. This optimally ensures the metabolic activity of the microorganisms used for denitrification in aeration tanks.

Methanol dosing system Likusta
Methanol dosing system
Methanol tank vehicle connection Likusta
Methanol tank vehicle connection

No exact results without exact dosing

The exact addition of carbon with Likusta dosing systems is crucial for proper denitrification: Too high dosages increase the process costs by leaving nutrients unconsumed during the oxidation; too low dosages slow down the degradation.

Everything under one roof

Likusta assists you during your entire project; all essential services are performed by our employees in Lich or by you on site according to ISO-certified processes. In addition to on-site assembly, we offer maintenance and repair by our highly trained service staff – for equipment components from third-party suppliers as well.

Our C-source dosing systems are especially used in municipal and industrial waste-water treatment.

Ethanol dosing system
Ethanol dosing system


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