Phosphate precipitation systems

Phosphate precipitation systems

Limit values demand action

The over-fertilisation of our waters by the addition of phosphorus compounds has prompted legislators to impose ever stricter limits on the introduction of phosphates, e.g. with the European Water Framework Directive and the Water Budget Law.

Likusta has been active as a specialist in the field of water treatment/waste-water treatment and waste-gas treatment for more than 30 years. Likusta is certified as an authorised specialist company according to WHG and VbF.

Phosphate precipitation system with polyaluminium chlorides Likusta
Phosphate precipitation system with polyaluminium chlorides
Phosphate precipitation system with iron chloride Likusta
Phosphate precipitation system with iron chloride


Phosphate elimination by physico-chemical precipitation converts dissolved phosphates into undissolved phosphates and removes them as solids from the waste water. The precipitants used are typically iron salts including iron chloride (FeCl2 or FeCl3), iron chloride sulfate (FeClSO4) or iron (II) sulphate (FeSO4) and polyaluminium chloride (PAC), sodium aluminate or aluminium chloride.

The precipitants are themselves water-polluting so measures for the detection of leakage and the prevention of uncontrolled leakage are mandatory.

Phosphate elimination can be technically implemented in different ways. Each method has specific advantages and disadvantages

  • Simultaneous precipitation: Improvement of system operation
  • Precipitation with downstream biological stage: Frequently used to relieve the waste-water treatment plants but not always useful as a permanent solution
  • Subsequent precipitation: Very good phosphorus drainage rates but with high precipitant consumption

Customised design

With over 600 precipitation dosing stations installed, we are your partner for the job.

We offer tailor-made, turnkey solutions for all conceivable size classes and applications - from the small waste-water treatment system with daily load curve to the group treatment system with iron-salt station:

  • Planning, tendering
  • Production of WHG-tested tanks, pipelines and dosing technology
  • Electrical engineering, control-cabinet construction, control technology (e.g. with touchscreen panels and intelligent PLC control)
  • Measurement technology
  • Assembly, commissioning and initial filling with chemicals
  • Operator training
  • System optimisation
Phosphate precipitation system with sodium aluminate Likusta
Phosphate precipitation system with sodium aluminate
Phosphate precipitation dosing system technology Likusta
Technology of phosphate precipitation dosing system

Operational safety, occupational safety and accident prevention

At Likusta, we strive to provide our customers with equipment to protect operating personnel from accidents at work. Our systems are therefore designed with strict consideration of the applicable laws and directives.

Everything from one provider – Likusta Umwelttechnik GmbH

Likusta assists you during your entire project; all essential services are performed by our team according to ISO-certified processes. In addition to the construction of tanks and appliances, electro-construction and control-cabinet construction are also carried out in-house. Therefore, we can respond with greater flexibility to customer demands.

Assembly, commissioning, acceptance, maintenance and repair are carried out by our highly trained service staff – also for third-party equipment.

Our phosphate precipitation systems are used in a wide range of industries, particularly in municipal and industrial waste-water treatment.

Unsere Phosphatfällungsanlagen finden Anwendung in verschiedensten Industrien, insbesondere in der kommunalen oder industriellen Abwasserbehandlung.


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