Storage tanks

Storage tanks

Tank construction has been the core business of Likusta for more than 40 years. Our speciality is the planning, manufacture and assembly of containers or entire plants for different applications according to our customer’s specific requirements.

There are no limits to our engineers’ imagination: special designs and special solutions are standard for us. The operating conditions (e.g. temperature, medium, humidity, pH value) determine the design of the tanks.

  • Shapes: Rectangular, L-shaped or round container constructions, conical flat roof

  • Bottom: Flat bottom, sloped bottom, cone bottom

  • Location: Inside and outside

  • Materials: PE, PP, PVDF, or PVC among others Tanks in composite construction (GRP, GFK-NL) possible

  • Wall structure: Single or double-walled containers according to WHG with leakage monitoring

  • Increased safety requirements, e.g. pressure tanks

Your Likusta project manager assists you during your entire project – advising you on the design and selection of the suitable material, coordinating design, production, assembly and commissioning. We also ensure the shipment and installation of large-volume tanks with state-of-the-art cranes.

GFK tank
Isolated container
Isolated container

Proven quality

We place great emphasis on the very best quality – several thousand successfully completed projects in plastic construction are a clear testament to this

  • Certified according to ISO 9001-2015

  • Monitored by the TÜV

  • DIBt certification mark

  • Specialist according to WHG/ AWSV (BetrSichV und GefStoffV)

Durable materials withstand the most aggressive media and environmental conditions

We manufacture tanks for worldwide use in all climate zones and for contact with the most aggressive media. That is why our containers and pipes are made of only selected plastics. PE, PP, PVDF or PVC are used as materials. The systems can be supplied in composite construction (GRP, GRP-NL) or also in stainless steel.

Likusta exclusively obtains the best-quality raw and sheet material from well-established and certified suppliers, with a close relationship lasting multiple years.
The benefits of plastic quality materials

  • Long lifetime

  • Good value for money

  • 100% recyclable and sustainable

  • Resistant to acids and alkalis

  • Pressure and impact resistant: Welding and adhesive joints - created according to DVS guidelines - are just as resistant as the sheet material itself

  • Temperature resistant: Use from -40°C to over + 100°C

  • Light and weather-resistant - important for use near the equator

  • Abrasion resistant - even with aggressive media and abrasive material

  • Electrically insulated or conductive - Use of conductive materials for selected applications

  • Low specific weight ensures lower shipping costs; on-site welding possible

  • Physiologically harmless, tasteless and odourless

We would be happy to assist you in selecting the right material for your application.

PEHD tank
PEHD tank
GFK tank
GFK tank

Our customers use Likusta tanks for a variety of applications, including

  • Tanks for waste-gas treatment plants, for water treatment and waste-water treatment

  • Certified tanks and containers according to WHG/ AWSV

  • Catch tanks

  • Linings of concrete basins

  • Storage tanks, batching tanks, mixing tanks

  • Sedimentation tanks

  • Buffer and neutralisation tanks

  • Abatement systems

It goes without saying that Likusta also supplies tank accessories such as fittings, pipes and fixtures as well as complete pipeline systems. Contact us!


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