Specialised services

Specialised services

DGUV and DVGW examinations

Systems must be safe. For the correct operation of systems, we satisfy the requirements of the Operational Safety Ordinance (BetrSichV) as well as technical rules for operational safety (TRBS). Within the framework of the DGUV examinations we offer, we can help you prevent accidents at work and achieve a high level of occupational health and safety.

On the basis of the DVGW regulations, as well as other guidelines, standards and certification programmes, we offer tests to ensure compliance with the prescribed state of the art and evaluate the overall safety and environmental safety of processes and systems.

High level of occupational health and safety guaranteed
The Likusta System Audit provides clarity

Reliable operation? Capacity for development? Cost-effectiveness? The Likusta System Audit provides clarity!

Likusta systems are very reliable. However, it is useful to ensure the value of the investment through preventive inspections and active support, thus minimising the lifecycle costs.

The aim of the Likusta System Audit is to determine the current status of operational safety and function in order to identify emerging problem situations at an early stage and avoid failures or major repairs. We also offer this service for third-party systems. The Likusta System Audit includes:

  • Testing and evaluation of the condition (mechanics, electrics) of main and auxiliary units according to defined service checklists

  • Assessment, measurement and evaluation of wear-and-tear parts

  • Preparation of a detailed test report, including defects and risks

  • Clarification of maintenance and repair requirements

  • Creation of a free offer

Individual service modules – Compile the appropriate service from all modules

Likusta offers service modules tailored to the technical requirements of your system, which enable you to ensure availability at a reasonable and predictable cost. Compile your individual “coverage note” from various components:

  • Maintenance and remote maintenance

  • Repair

  • Replacement parts and parts management

Service modules tailored to the technical requirements of your system