chlorine-gas treatment

Likusta chlorine-gas treatment

Safety in case of chlorine-gas leakages

Gas accidents - usually due to improper operation - can unfortunately never be completely ruled out. Likusta chlorine-gas treatment systems ensure the necessary safety.

When chlorine is released from storage tanks, drums, chlorine bottles or chlorine dosing systems, a chlorine warning system triggers an alarm and activates the Likusta chlorine-gas treatment system. The waste gas is then passed through the Likusta counter-flow scrubber by means of a chemical-resistant fan and is neutralised through counter-flow with a scrubbing liquid, usually a sodium hydroxide solution. The reaction heat occurring during the chemical scrubbing process is absorbed by the scrubbing liquid.

Emergency units for chlorine neutralisation are successfully used by Likusta’s customers in drinking-water and waste-water treatment as well as in the chemicals industry.

Single-stage chlorine-gas treatment
Likusta chlorine-gas treatment systems are easy to transport
Multi-stage chlorine-gas treatment

The large exchange area allows for reliable neutralisation of the emitted gases

In order to produce the required exchange surface, chemical-resistant packing elements are used in loose or in block construction. Reliable neutralisation can be ensured thereby with comparatively compact systems.

Easy shipment and construction of the systems due to modular design

Likusta chlorine-gas treatment systems are equipped with a separation flange and are easy to transport in 20 or 40-foot containers.

All components are already mounted and electrically wired. Assembly and commissioning can therefore be done by the customers themselves (“plug-and-play”). An in-factory cold testing is carried before shipment.

Durable materials withstand the most aggressive media and environmental conditions

The selection of the materials is determined by the application conditions. All system components (containers, fans, packing elements, circulating pumps, pipelines and measuring instruments) which come into contact with the medium are therefore made of chemical-resistant plastics.

Usually, PE, PP and PVC are used as materials. The systems can also be supplied in glass fibre composite construction.

Chlorine-gas treatment Likusta conditions material
Selection of materials is determined by application conditions


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