Environmentally sound decomposing of organic pollutants

The use of environmentally friendly systems for biological waste-gas treatment is constantly increasing. In Likusta biofilters, harmful and odorous substances from waste-gas and exhaust-gas flows are decomposed to non-toxic, odourless and largely low molecular weight substances, such as carbon dioxide and water. This is done biochemically by the metabolic activity of microorganisms.

Likusta biofilters for odour removal
Biofilter inside view
Biofilter inside view

Biofilter systems are only as good as their planning

The operating conditions (e.g. temperature, humidity, nutrient supply, pH value) determine the design of the system. It must be ensured that the metabolic activity of the microorganisms used can proceed at an optimum level.

Likusta offers appropriate construction methods tailored to the application

  • Single-stage or multi-stage - for example with upstream bio-scrubbers or chemo-scrubbers
  • Surface, circular and floor filters
  • Container systems as well as compact and mobile biofilter systems
  • Closed biofilter for targeted waste-gas flow guidance

Durable materials withstand the most aggressive media and environmental conditions

All system components that come into contact with the medium are made of chemical-resistant plastics. PE, PP and PVC are used as materials. The systems can also be supplied in glass fibre composite construction.

When designing Likusta biofilters, the special requirements of the VDI guideline 3477 Biological Emission Control Biofilter are taken into account.

The choice of the optimal filter materials is decisive for high biological decomposition performance

Biofilter materials serve as substrate and nutrient source for bacteria in the biofilter. They are custom-mixed for the respective application, structured in different grain sizes and fertilized as required. This way the biofilter reaches its maximum treatment performance within a very short time after the system ramp-up.

Likusta filter materials are robust against temperature fluctuations and condensation, guaranteeing long service life and low operating costs.

The following filter materials have proven themselves:

  • Burl wood fibres
  • Wood chips
  • Tree bark
  • Coconut fibres
  • Peat
  • Expanded clay
Biofilter compact design Likusta
Biofilter compact design
Biofilter construction Likusta
Biofilter during construction

Experience and references from a variety of industries

Likusta offers

  • Design, planning and construction of biofilter systems as a one-stop solution
  • Microbiological and technical knowledge gained over many years
  • References from various industries
  • Monitored quality of filter-materials
  • On-time delivery and filling of biofilters
  • Proper disposal of old biofilter material

Likusta biofilters are used successfully in various industries including

  • Waste-water treatment plants
  • Composting plants
  • Bio-gas plants
  • Waste treatment
  • Food and feed industries
  • Paint factories


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