Installation and commissioning

Installation and commissioning

Save time, money and nerves. Installation and commissioning by Likusta specialists

Put installation, commissioning and ramp-up of your Likusta system in the hands of our qualified service technicians. The many years of experience and comprehensive expertise of our employees guarantee a successful start with your new system.

Installation and commissioning by Likusta specialists
Assembly and functional tests of a system

Assembly and functional tests

After assembly, the optimum operating parameters are set, and the system is cold and hot tested to ensure the technical prerequisites for acceptance are met.

We document the work done and all important operating parameters for you in a comprehensive commissioning report. Now the system can go into regular operation, and specification-compliant function can be checked by your employees.

Naturally, we also support you in the dismantling of old systems and their proper disposal.

Training service

The Likusta service team has gained worldwide reputation with the training of system operators. On the basis of training documents that are tailored to your needs, you and your employees will be informed in detail about the function and operation of the system. This allows you to operate your Likusta system safely and economically.

Likusta service training system operators
Likusta service team at work