Large quantities of different pollutant classes in brewery waste water

Large quantities of biologically and chemically contaminated waste water are found in breweries and malt houses. They can be divided into two main pollutant classes

  • Biological substances such as protein, yeast, starch or sugar compounds

  • Chemical cleansing agents for the cleaning of brewery equipment and flushing empty containers

In breweries emerge large amounts of waste-water Likusta
In breweries emerge large amounts of waste-water
Strict regulations for discharges of industrial wate-water Likusta
Strict regulations for discharges of industrial wate-water

High density of regulations in water law

Like all waste-water treatment plants, breweries also need water permits to treat their waste water. In Germany, they are subject to a variety of regulations:

  • For approval, §60 of the German Water Resources Law (WHG)

  • Environmental impact assessment according to the Environmental Impact Assessment Act (UVPG)

  • §58 WHG for direct discharges of commercial waste-water into the waste-water system, §57 WHG and the German Waste Water Ordinance (AbwV)

  • Local waste-water ordinances are applicable for indirect discharges

Limits are set here, among other things, for the following parameters, some depending on the amount of waste water

  • Biochemical oxygen demand in 5 days (BOD5)

  • Chemical oxygen demand (COD)

  • Ammonium nitrogen (NH4-N) and total nitrogen (Nges)

  • Total phosphorus

Potential environmental pollution caused by obsolete or badly planned systems

Compliance with the waste-water limit values ​​is absolutely crucial for breweries since system errors in waste-water treatment can easily lead to considerable environmental pollution.

  • Over-fertilisation by nitrogen and phosphates in water can lead to oxygen deficiency and fish death.

  • Lyes and acids used for cleaning can kill aquatic organisms.

The legionella epidemic, which was linked to a large German brewery in 2013, should be noted only as a reminder. Events of this kind can develop into a PR disaster.

Environmental pollution caused by obsolete systems Likusta
Environmental pollution caused by obsolete systems
Individual designed and executed waste-water treatment systems Likusta
Individual designed waste-water treatment systems

State-of-the-art water treatment and low operating costs are no contradiction

Likusta waste-water treatment systems are designed and executed according to your requirements.

Operating costs are regularly reduced with improved degradation performance and reduced odour loading Approaches:

  • (Aerobic) pre-treatment

  • Verification of heavy contamination surcharge for brewery waste water

  • Volume and transport reduction

  • Multiple use of water

Even in the case of significant expansion of the output quantities, an expensive enlargement of the overall system can usually be avoided.

Many breweries can also rely on positive experiences with the extraction of bio gas from residues of brewery waste water and the brewing process. Likusta is your experienced partner here as well.


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