Targeted modernisation and facility optimisation

Targeted Modernisation and facility optimisation

Plants for the purification of waste gas or waste water are very long-lived investments with a useful life of 25 years or more. However, operational safety and function must be ensured at all times. An evaluation by an experienced Likusta engineer can help here. This means sensible measures can be developed and evaluated depending on your priorities. Typically, these are:

  • Refurbishment or renewal

  • Expansion

  • Improved control

  • Cost reductions and energy saving

Targeted modernisation and facility optimisation
Likusta service team technician on site

Many measures are already economical after a short time

The required actions are usually clear after an on-site technical determination and profitability analysis: In many cases, the rehabilitation of an existing system is a cost-effective measure. Our Likusta service team ensures fast implementation of the work on site.

As demands and operating conditions change in the course of time, many of our customers opt for system optimisation. Analysis of the operating data indicates the direction of the optimisation required: Many measures reach break-even within a short time due to reduced operating costs.

Modernisation or upgrades are not limited to system components or auxiliary units: The further development of the PCS, e.g. for the integrated control of existing system components or the retrofit of a remote maintenance module, are often the correct solution and help to open up the full range of performance of your system.

Likusta offers modernisation or upgrades
Likusta project manager as your personal consultant
Likusta project manager as your personal consultant

Consulting and project management

We believe that responsibility for complex projects should not be shared. Likusta Umwelttechnik GmbH therefore offers the design, construction, manufacture, assembly and commissioning of systems from a single source – worldwide, with references from various industries.

Your Likusta project manager ensures project work without delay and is there to help you throughout the project as a consultant. He/she ensures uncomplicated coordination and clarifies your individual requirements.